Passive House Technology

Passive House Technology is a rigorous, performance-based building method that reduces energy needs of a building and increases the amount of fresh air circulating inside that building.

The buildings are designed using models that incorporate regional weather data so that they are built to withstand conditions specific to that area.

The result are buildings that are more resilient and less costly to own. And although the technology is called passive house, it can be used for all major building types (office buildings, apartment buildings, hotels, skyscrapers and so on). 


Passive House In 90 seconds


How Does It Work?

A Passive House building has five distinct features: a leak proof air barrier, an air exchanger, high performance windows, heavy insulation and a minimization of thermal bridging.


UN Video About Passive House Technology

Erase40 collaborated with the UN to make a video about passive house technology. We saw this as an opportunity to spread the word about the importance of a high-quality building envelope and a constant supply of fresh air. 


Why This Is One Of The Best Things We Can Do To Reduce Emissions


Adopting the Passive House building technology and standard may be one of the easiest and least costly ways to greatly reduce carbon emissions around the world. The reduction of emissions would result from a reduction in energy demand as opposed to the conversion to a different energy source. This is significant because a reduction in total global energy demand, as opposed to only a conversion to a renewable energy sources, is necessary to reduce emissions to acceptable levels. 
Furthermore, unlike many other methods to address climate change and reduce emissions, this technology is not years away. It exists now and is being used in all regions in the U.S. (as well as in Canada, Europe Japan and China) and with all major building types. 
Also, the adoption of this technology doesn’t require a shift in the public’s beliefs about climate change or appreciation of it as a danger. This makes it possible to sidestep politically contentious arguments about the environment when discussing the technology. 


7 Reasons

Passive House Technology Is A Good Way To Reduce Emissions


Technology exists now, not years away


The technology is performance-based and measurable


No shift in the public’s attitudes about the environment required


No large investments in infrastructure required


No major changes to the economy required


Applicable to all regions and all building types


Capable of reducing a major contributor of emissions, from 40% to nearly zero