The skilled work Erase40 is doing to facilitate an improved understanding by key stakeholders and consumers of high performance building products is having a tremendous impact on the growth of high performance building in the United States. - Brad Begin, Alpen

For Architects and Builders

When we lower the predictable and systematic barriers to a home buyer or developer choosing a passive building, what we have is a way to rapidly alter the market. 

For information about how we can help see our list of Services For Architects And Builders.


Making it easier for Passive House Architects and Builders to do what they do


We’d like to make it easier for architects and builders have access to resources and expertise that aren’t usually available to small businesses.

How Do People Decide What Type Of Home to Build

In this webinar we talk about some of the strange but predictable things that drive a person toward a conventional home and what we can do to get them to make a better decision.


Changing How People Decide What To Build

Our programs are designed to change the criteria your clients use and how they value the attributes of passive buildings. 
Architects and builders play a very important role in the adoption of passive house buildings and the time architects and builders spend with clients an opportunity to shape people’s beliefs about what a house can do and what to ask for in a house.