For Manufacturers

What will cause a transformation of this market? The collective funding of high impact investments that rapidly grow the market and a coordinated (not ad hoc) effort to address to the barriers to widespread adoption.


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Collective Funding

Industry fragmentation makes it difficult and often unwise for an individual company to invest in initiatives that grow the size of the market. The result is an underinvestment in the initiatives that would speed the adoption of high performance buildings and make this a fully functioning market in the U.S. A funding vehicle, through which manufacturers in this industry collectively fund initiatives, solves this problem. Each investment is then smaller and delivers far higher incremental returns.


High Impact Investments

A process already exists by which we can identify opportunities to nudge people (occupants, buyers, developers, lenders) to opt for a zero energy or passive building. By following that process we can find those levers and develop low cost/high impact initiatives that grow the market. The PHFA multifamily initiative shows us how a small lever can shift a market. Why not deploy more of these levers?


Rapidly Grow The Market

When we lower the recurring and systematic barriers to adoption, what we have is a disruptive strategy with prospects for very rapid growth.