How Effective Will Such Efforts Be? 

These criteria will be used to evaluate our efforts and will be the standard we’ll use to warrant the confidence and support of our donors and partners. 


This is one of the best ways to massively reduce emissions.

Scale & Reach

We can scale our programs via technology and outreach efforts.

Lasting Impact

This an opportunity to make an impact that is large and lasting—once the market is converted the benefits are ongoing and self-sustaining.

Cost Efficient

This is a low cost, high return effort (behavior change is less expensive than financial incentives).


Erase40’s programs will be evidence-based and measurable with multiple validation stages to assess effectiveness.

Ease of Use

Our programs will be designed to be easy to use and implement.


We plan to be as focused and as aggressive as possible.

Target Setting

We’re going to set goals about the rates of adoption and do everything we can to achieve them.

There are three ways to influence a decision: policy change, financial incentives and behavior change. Although circumstances call for the deployment of all three, policy on a large scale is too slow and financial incentives on a large scale are too expensive to shift the entire market. Only behavior change can do what is necessary in the current environment and with existing resources. 
Our programs will be designed using in evidence-based social science and proven behavioral models. They will effectively target specific behaviors and barriers to adoption and be validated through surveys and pilot programs. Finally, each will be designed for ease of use and a high impact to cost ratio.


Connecting Attributes to Outcomes

Currently, occupants, buyers and funders are not connecting attributes of a building—such as air quality—to outcomes. 

Nor are they effectively pricing the costs of certain outcomes in their rental, purchase, funding and building decisions.

By assigning a value to certain attributes of passive buildings and connecting these attributes to long-term outcomes for occupants, funders and owners Erase40’s programs will dramatically increase the perceived value of these attributes. 


Long Term Outcomes

High air quality (no radon, lower VOCs, lower CO₂) Reduced incidence of respiratory illness and reduced aggravation of existing conditions
Reduced exterior noise Reduced sleep interruption and its consequences
Sharply reduced energy needs Reduced financial obligations and increased savings
Rigorous quality control and building durability Reduced risk of unanticipated costs, higher savings, higher asset values
Resistant to water and moisture infiltration Reduced likelihood of mold growth and costs associated with mold remediation; reduced repair costs

Measuring Our Impact

We’ll evaluate our efforts according to a number of simple metrics. 


Increase In The Number Of Climate Safe Buildings


Reduction In Annual CO₂ Emissions From Buildings


Change In Number Of Building Occupants With Lower Exposure To VOCs