Head Of Program Materials Design & User Experience

Julian designs objects and materials for Erase40’s programs and interventions. His expertise is in environmental design, interactive experiences and situational art. He uses a visual and narrative language to produce an effective user experience and frames ideas so that they elicit a sense of immediacy in the users.

Previously he’s worked on projects for Google, YouTube, Earth Matter (DSNY), Samsung, Unhooked Media, Netflix and Spotify, as well as a number of early stage companies. Julian has also collaborated with MAS Event Design to see how two-dimensional design can expand into live site-specific experiences that focus on a certain idea.

In addition to his role at Erase40 he gives artistic and design consultation to a theater collective in NYC. He graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and later joined the AF Design Lab, where he studied architecture and industrial design.

Julian grew up in Bogotá and attended a school nestled in the Andes mountains, surrounded by untouched forests, guerrillas, myths and bright midnight skies.