United Nations: Tackling Climate Change Close To Home

Erase40 collaborated with the UN to make a video about passive house technology. We saw this as an opportunity to spread the word about the importance of a high-quality building envelope and a constant supply of fresh air. 

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Sell Zero Homes By
Changing Risk Behaviors

Architects and builders of Passive House and zero energy homes (ZEH) come face to face with certain challenges in their interactions with nearly every prospect. Here’s a prime example: when presented with a choice between a $325,000 passive house or zero energy home and a $300,000 conventional house, the prospect usually sees the conventional house as the more affordable option. [Read Full Article]

EEBA Article:
Promising New Tool for High Performance Home Sales

The Meeting Map aims to disarm prospects' status quo bias

From the article: “Erase40 released the first version of its Meeting Map in late September.  The Map is a way to structure and guide the buyer's decision-making process and forms the basis of a sales training the company will offer.  Salespeople can use it to guide buyers through the five areas most impacted by high-performance homes: thermal comfort, indoor air quality, noise issues that interrupt sleep, savings on energy and maintenance, and home resale value.”

Behavioral Science And The Value of the Architect

In this episode of EntreArchitect, Mark LePage and James Geppner talk about HGTV, client decisions, Pepsi and its army of experts and The Meeting Map.

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Don’t Wait For The Market

In their first podcast of season 4, Kristof from Positive Energy interviews James Geppner on the topic of behavioral change and market transformation.

Building Science stands poised to change the way we deliver conditioned space to society. There are many angles by which we can dissect exactly how to do that.

Listen below:

NAPHN Conversation

NAPHN: “James argues that when we fall back on the “price per square foot” conversation when selling Passive House, we are inadvertently treating buildings as a commodity market, like crude oil or soy beans. But buildings are a differentiated market, and the acute needs that Passive House addresses are a really important differentiator for our product.”


Making a Market for a New Building Technology

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A Plan to Reduce CO2 Emissions by Nearly 40%

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Buildings and Behavior

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Beyond Rationality: Engineering Design for Sustainability

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