What More Can You Do?

Be a member!

Just click the Donate page button on the top of the page and write “Membership” in the comments.

Why Are Others Doing It?

  • Because of the obvious: we’re in this thing together and if we pool our resources we can get this ball rolling. 

  • Because it says “what you’re doing is necessary.”

  • Because with the help of our members we can make it easier for architects and builders to get their clients (developers, home buyers, businesses, schools) to opt for a building with fewer emissions and a better quality of life. 

  • Because we all know what happens if things stay as they are. 

Support For Our Members

Here are some benefits available to our members from people who want to support the work you do — and we’ll continue to look for others who can give to your efforts and make what you do easier.  

·      5% discount on UltimateAir products

·      Discount on architectural photography (Ty Cole Studio

·      10% discount on energy modeling services (Northeast Projects)

·      Discounts on the Meeting Map and other Erase40 programs

Add Your Name To This Effort 

We ask that our members each contribute $150 to support what we’re doing.

Just click the donate button below and write “Membership” in the comments

Beware Of The Many Faces Of Inaction! 

Inaction comes under many guises…

…delay, indifference, pessimism, forgetfulness, telling yourself that someone else will handle it, convincing yourself that you’re not needed here or have nothing to give to the group…

Be alert for the many faces and guises of inaction – and don’t fall prey to them.